Our Production Capabilities
Best Softgel Contract Manufacturer

Our facility has the capability to produce a wide range of dietary supplements. We utilize advanced manufacturing technology and processes to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards.

Our FDA Inspected and cGMP Certified state-of-the-art facility comprises 75,000 square feet of operating space, with double-broadcast epoxy flooring and fiberglass reinforced panels in each production and analytical lab area. In addition, the use of next-generation HVAC systems can ensure precise and consistent temperature and humidity in each of our production areas, allowing us to continue production when other lesser-equipped labs might have to cease operations.

In addition, because we maintain an in-house analytical lab and furnish it with the latest test equipment, we have the ability to test raw materials as well as the finished products, speeding up their release.

If you’re looking for a turnkey manufacturing experience, Nutra Solutions International is the perfect partner. Our team of compliance and design technicians will help you adhere to all regulations while simultaneously developing artwork and professional packaging that is sure to attract the attention of your consumer base.

We are confident we can meet your specific production needs and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities or to place an order.

We are Amazon specialists!

If you happen to be an Amazon retailer or are looking to join Amazon’s marketplace as a supplement retailer, then Nutra Solutions International would love to partner with you.

Due to our extensive experience in this area, we’re able to provide you with the necessary documentation to help you list your products and begin selling on your preferred schedule. In addition, we will work closely with you throughout the entire process, assisting with label design and placement, inventory management, and the maintenance of production schedules. From there, our expert logistics team will ship your products to any of the Amazon FBA fulfillment centers, ensuring 100% compliance.

To learn more, reach out to one of our representatives today to learn how we can help you maintain or build your brand.